Onlinewebmedia Corporation is a private holding company that invests only in those internet marketing companies whose future prospects are impressive. We seek to utilize the gap between the multiples of small companies and those that of large companies. It works by holding limited liability company website companies and help them secure their future.

Internet marketing companies with noteworthy market share are those that attract us
Your concern must have a position in the vertical market, even if it is small
The company should specialize in customer acquisition
20-25% EBITDA margins
No debt
Significant web traffic
A large company whose growth has come to a standstill due to paucity of funds
High gross margins
$5-$45 million in revenue
$12-$15 million in sales
Published thousands of customer websites and owner of related domain names Holding corporation website and turning their business around is the primary aim of Onlinewebmedia.
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